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Madrileko karrikak


Traveler. I’m taking my readers through my post-lockdown Odyssey starting in the Basque Country and moving Europe. In this travel diary with blogposts and videos, I invite you to meet a clumsy but committed rural designer, experiencing a resilient quest of inspiration.



Joan Indaburu

In my last Office jobs, I have been :

  • Project manager at Deepki, a Real Estate Tech company, focused on making the industry more sustainable. I start in France for the first year and contributed to settle the company in Spain for the next two years (2017-2020)
  • Sales Developer Representative at Carto, a cartographic data company where I was in charge of the French market. (2017)
  • As an intern for a Startup acceleration Program in Business France, Barcelona (2016)
south summit Joan

When I was studying I have been :

As side projects, I have:

  • co-founded a theatre company, 5 in’ahalak (2013)
  • been biking for 4.000km around Europe with Alternatiba in order to mobilize for the Paris COP21 climate event. (2015 and 2018)
  • I’m starting my “Odyssey” exploring ways of being European in the antropocene era (2020-2021)

Infolettre d'une Odyssée vers les origines

⛰️ 🚴 🌊


J'écris sur ce qui me passe par la tête, environ tous les deux mois.

J'ai quitté ma carrière et Madrid pour revenir vivre au Pays Basque. Pendant cette année de transition je souhaite pouvoir écrire au sujet :

  • Du changement climatique
  • De la traversée des pyrénées à pied
  • De l'initiation au surf et la vie sur la côte du Sud Ouest
  • De la retraite de méditation
  • Des essais en permaculture
  • Des diverses formations (gouvernance partagée, maker, graphisme...)
  • Et bien d'autre encore

Whatever you need, feel free to reach me at contact@jindabu.com